Personal Narrative: A Ghostly Spark

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A Ghostly Spark Introduction (reveal): Native American culture has always been an interest of mine. Since my beginning with the Boy Scouts of America on my path to Eagle Scout, I have come closer to the dense but often forgotten history of the First Nation people of America. Upon joining the Order of the Arrow, the BSA’s honor society centered around Native American virtues and beliefs, I have continued to take it upon myself to learn more about the long forgotten Native history. While I knew about the general struggles the Native Americans faced as “white man” invaded the unharnessed Western frontier, I had not learned about the specific catalyzing incidents that caused such conflict and suffered between these two cultures. While searching through topics like native music and combat, I knew I needed an event that sparked the rift between these two types of people, growing U.S. government and early…show more content…
Armed with the idea to find more about this undiscovered way of life on the western plains, I came across the topic of the “Ghost Dance.” Even with a bit of background knowledge, knowing it was a reviving prophecy for the Western Indians, I still knew it was jolting series of events that added to the
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