Personal Narrative: A Ginomorous Day

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“BOMB!” It hit me like a ginormous truck smashing into the side of a mountain. Tomorrow is “the day” I decide whether or not we have another six weeks of winter. As I prepare for “the day,” I wonder to myself if people are going to be upset with the decision I make. I am a nervous wreck. I got the butterflies not only in my stomach, but all over my body. I start to think about “the day” as I munch on some delicious berries and alfalfa. Fun fact: groundhogs are among the few animals that are TRUE HIBERNATORS, fattening up in the warm seasons and snoozing for most of the three months during the cold season. After I got through eating my berries and alfalfa, I squirmed into the living room to see what’s on the TV. Every single channel I flipped through talked about the exact same thing. “The Day.” I honestly don’t know why I am so nervous about this year. I’ve never been so jumpy in my entire life. It’s probably because we have…show more content…
My stomach rumbled like I’ve been starving for a million years. I embark the day by eating a profusion amount of berries for breakfast. Today, February 2 is the day I make the big decision. This is going to be one of the longest, hardest, tiring days of my entire life. Fun fact #2: during hibernation, the groundhogs can go 150 days without eating, and a groundhog will lose no more than ¼ of its body weight. Because of my lower metabolism, I am able to save all of the energy I need for hibernation. It’s about that time I make the big decision. I am tremulous about what I’m going to see when I pop out of my burrow. I am dying to see my shadow, so I can finally get out of here. The sunlight seems to be calling my name,” Punxsutawney Phil, come out.” As I am crawling out as slowly as I possibly can, I can start to see the light. I start to gradually crawl faster and faster. Finally, I’m out and I see my shadow. I sigh in relief. All of my anxiety, butterflies, headaches, and stomachaches are all
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