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I danced around my room at two in the morning. I had stopped and stared at the girl in the mirror, and a smile fell from its perch. How surreal I looked staring at myself, how intoxicating. I leaned in closer to look at my eyes, eyes filled with a beautiful sadness. I unlocked the door to my own soul, fearing the gifts that awaited me inside. A beautiful coral reef surrounded me and licked at my feet. The seaweed tickled my toes and the fish darted from plant to rock. I waded into the water, letting the arctic blue embrace my body. My head submerged into the liquid and I continued to walk holding back the fear as the lack of oxygen pinched my lungs. My body was begging me to swim up as my feet stopped at a cliff. This color was deeper, a ring…show more content…
I was excited, I could not wait to really talk to him face to face instead of the phone. As the months quickly disappeared I got to know Mason, all of his joy and tears. I showed him the door that I kept locked as well. Mason was an only child that came from an emotionally unstable family. His parents were always fighting and his mom was obsessed with him. I could relate to the fighting that he had experienced. That is the interesting thing though, no one is as they seem on the outside. I told him stories about my scar that ran deeper than the skin, I told him about my life, I told him about my past. He soaked all of it up like a sponge, being my number one cheerleader and always lifting me up. I started to fall in love with him. I fell in love with his almond shaped eyes and his light brown hair. Everything that did was for him, and I was glad to give up my life as long as he kept his. Our hearts were entwined, but it only got worse. You see, Mason was a senior and I was a junior. Mason had just gotten out of a toxic relationship and didn’t want a new one now that he was graduating. I completely understood, and I never pressured it, all I wanted was his honesty. He could not even give me that. He would constantly sneak around and try to make up for his actions by constantly apologizing to me. There was another girl, prettier by…show more content…
I could feel the heat pouring in my cheeks as I let one more tear escape from the storm. He looked at me helplessly, knowing full well that he could not calm the seas as he had been able to before. My breathing began to slow as my sky became dark. The sunrise that was emerging from her earth turned out to only be a sunset. There were no stars to be found, it was just black. I no longer felt sad, but mad. I walked away from him and he tried to get me to stay, but all I could do was shake him off and go back to my solitude. The days continued to move and I knew that I would have to get over it eventually. I stopped talking to the two of them and tried to continue my life. It was hard to ignore the very person that you spoke to everyday. I started to fall out of love with him and I realized how awful he really was. I was so blind to the way he was treating me based off of the words he would say. How was I supposed to deal with that? It was equally as weird, because for awhile, I could not look at him when we walked past each other in the hallways. I told him everything and the fact that he held my secrets was a major problem. He could use them against me if he wanted, but he never did. I cried for a week and soon I began to be able to live my life without

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