Personal Narrative: A Girl At A Girl In The World

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I danced around my room at two in the morning. I had stopped and stared at the girl in the mirror, and a smile fell from its perch. How surreal I looked staring at myself, how intoxicating. I leaned in closer to look at my eyes, eyes filled with a beautiful sadness. I unlocked the door to my own soul, fearing the gifts that awaited me inside. A beautiful coral reef surrounded me and licked at my feet. The seaweed tickled my toes and the fish darted from plant to rock. I waded into the water, letting the arctic blue embrace my body. My head submerged into the liquid and I continued to walk holding back the fear as the lack of oxygen pinched my lungs. My body was begging me to swim up as my feet stopped at a cliff. This color was deeper, a ring of denim that gestured me to explore its darkness. Without thinking, I dived. I dived into the unknown, without a hint of hesitation. My head felt lighter now, and I could feel herself drifting to the surface. I felt like I was drowning, but I couldn’t reach myself. The ocean began to leak from its boundaries as I moved back staring at the grains of sand around my face. People had told me that I was beautiful. I did not believe them, because to myself I did not feel pretty. I have always felt average, average grades and average ambitions. I just wanted to get by and out of the town that had groomed me for a romantic television series. It was hard to believe that the world was so much bigger than the houses that were on the other side of

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