Personal Narrative: A Golden Girl

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A “Golden” Girl Author F. Scott Fitzgerald once said that “personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures.” It defines who people are, and my personality is characterized as the color gold. Due to that, I am a person who loves leadership positions, thrives in structured environments, and is highly analytical. I need structure and like to be in charge. I serve on the committee for Relay for Life, and I am my team captain as well. I absolutely love being in a leadership position for this organization. I am a perfectionist, and this allows me to make sure things get done so that the night can run as smoothly as possible. My personality is one that likes to be in charge, as well as feel structured in my tasks. If things are not organized, I get stressed out. Leading my age group in the event allows me to get everything situated if they get out of hand. Gold’s are also analytical of people and situations. My personality is strange in the sense that I love people, but the only way that I can rejuvenate myself is to seek out alone time to think. On a college visit lately I found myself sitting back and watching the large crowd of kids. I love trying to figure out who people are, based off of how they are acting, and I try to understand what they may be going through. Along with analyzing…show more content…
I use these traits more every year that I get older. The more people expect from me, the more I need organization and structure to be able to properly get things done. I use my leadership abilities and organization to get things done. I analyze people and situations to put myself in their shoes, and to reevaluate to make sure I did everything that I could. These will help me in the future because I want to have a job that gives me some authority. Along with that I will be able to try and understand the people I work with and think through the situations I am put

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