Personal Narrative: A Hard Time Reading

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I always had a hard time reading, but yet it was not the words I had problems with. I knew what all the words were by memorizing them. However, when it came to stories, I could not remember what I read. I realized this when I took an assessment test in second grade. But after a couple of months of reading out loud, and the games my mother would play with me, reading got a lot easier and after a while I actually enjoyed it. I was only six years old when I took the ACT (Assessment Comprehensive Test). My heart was pounding and all of the sudden the room got hot; my nerves were setting in. I knew how to answer the questions all I had to do was fill in the bubble with the correct answer. But what was the correct answer? I read each story and question over and over trying to answer them correctly. It was giving me a headache just looking at all the words. I was so overwhelmed that I thought…show more content…
My mother, on the other hand, was calm and told me that we would keep practicing and that eventually I would get better. It was a comforting that she had faith in me. At the time though, getting better seemed impossible. My mother came up with a lot of different tactics to help improve my reading skills. She would tell me to read out loud to my brother and sister. I never wanted to because I knew I would not understand or remember what I read. After I would read a couple of pages my mom would stop me and ask me questions about what I had just read. She would ask what happened, why did it happen, and what the result was at the end. If I did not understand we would go over it again. I would get so frustrated, I could feel myself getting mad at myself because I did not understand, and sometimes I would cry because I would get so upset. When my mother saw that my reading skills were not improving quick enough, she tried other ideas that made it funnier for me to
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