Personal Narrative: A Hero Of Change

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In the beginning, and the end of change, things in life isn 't what to be seen in the face of reality. this is the story of a Hero, a Hero of Change. this Hero was born in Kaido, Tokyo, Japan in 1524. However, the original time period was 1989, but due to supernatural events, parts of Japan and other places was written into the past. The Hero however was raised by Kuro Hatsukae in the 1524 time period, the Heroes Father, but due to chaos roaming about, the people placed magic barriers to act as a shield from the Bahudos, so it was strict to leave the barrier surrounding the Village. Bahudos is a title given to the beast of many, the source of the end. I am Nurame Hatsuake. It was quite sudden how I came to be a so called-monster because of my white hair and my red eyes beaming as bright as the sun, so I 'd…show more content…
Once we got outside, I was wondering something, since he said "Nurame", that means that I am me, but why don 't I look like me? Two thoughts came to mind: an illusion, or time travel, though time travel is hard to believe. But I didn 't put much thought into it because of the green leafs flickering about across the beautiful blue of the sky, the wind breezing through gently, and the peaceful environment of settlement had over-written the thoughts going through my head, with children playing and laughing about, with the grass brushing against another, what 's more peaceful then this? "Sir, over here!" Hyde shouted, I looked around and saw him in the distance and ran towards him. However, running was the best part of it all, having the wind brush against my face, and the color of rainbow flowers in the distance, shinning brighter then anything in the World, it was a magnificent sight. Once I got to Hyde, I was amazed about how everything looked from above, to able to see everything then just one at once. But so sudden. I could suddenly feel something, something I 've never felt before, and I knew what it was. The thing I
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