Personal Narrative-A Humorous Wedding

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I’ve been to Yellowstone countless times, walked the streets of DisneyWorld, and even played the piano with Jon Schmidt once. But this day was even better than all of those combined. May 15th 2015 was a day I had been looking forward to from the day I could comprehend what a wedding was and how significant it is for someone.

The night before I was full of jitters. It had been a week since I had seen him, and phone calls just weren’t sufficient any longer. The wedding was in Ogden so we stayed with Tamara Simon, a family friend, in Layton. We all sat around the massive island in her kitchen, talking about weddings and missions and other great events in our lives. She just happened to be the missionary that brought my family back to the church
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I promise you it will stop.” he said, reaching for my hand to reassure me.

“But how are you so sure?” I asked him.

“Because I said a prayer” was his confident answer. Chills ran through my body as he reaffirmed for the millionth time that he was the one I should marry.

Walking into the temple, I was instantly overwhelmed. We walked up to the oh so familiar desk where our temple recommends were shown. The temple workers knew the drill, as did we. I had gone through this process multiple times for sessions and baptisms, yet this time was a little different.

“Hello. We are here for a sealing. Our sealing.” As the words escaped Colby’s mouth, my body just about turned to jello. I had always pictured this day, I just never imagined it would feel as wonderful as it had.

“Oh, hello! Brother Ross and soon to be Sister Ross! Right this way, we’ll take you to your escorts” Chills again. Weaving through the temple hallways, my mind raced. This was it. It was real. This was my day.

Paperwork was signed and nametags were distributed. Then we were separated yet again, but this time it wouldn’t be for eternity like it was last time. Now it would only be for as long as it took to get changed, so it wasn’t too
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Minutes passed. We waited. As boredom and anticipation grew, we started counting ourselves in the two gold trimmed mirrors facing each other that allowed us to see forever and ever. Minutes continued to pass. The highest number we ever reached was ten. Once our activity grew old, we then began talking. We talked about our future and our plans. We shared our hopes and dreams. More minutes passed by us, with us painfully aware. The bouncing in our legs started. The butterflies seemed to be doing gymnastics at this point. Was this really happening? Were we really supposed to be getting married? The minutes carried on, and we both sat in wonderment. I asked myself one final

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