Personal Narrative: A Journey In The Cave

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Trapped I marked yet another straight line on my tally. I drew the fifth line. It was our fifth day here. Our rations and supplies were slowly running short despite conserving as much food as possible. It has been 5 full days since I last embraced sunlight. 4 of us - Scott, Nathan, Barry and I, were all worn down after staying in this gloomy and hollow cave. Our head-torches have all ran out of battery, limited light was provided with boxes of matches we brought with us in the expedition. Not all of us were in good condition, not to say perfect, since we fell in this cave after a merciless avalanche few days ago. Nathan suffered from hypothermia, while Scott broke his right ankle, making him immobilized. It was not looking good, considering the fact that the snow storms can be long-lasting.…show more content…
We could barely lay straight on the weary floor. The rugged walls seemed so tall when it surrounded us. Cold air travelled throughout my body giving me the shivers and quivers. Darkness swallowed everything but left four of us behind, giving us the ultimate trial of survival. Attempting to look around the cave, the dampness of the air coated every one of us. Somehow, our crave for light have slowly receded, the darkness beyond my senses is intriguing. Our cell phones were all dead like our souls. Darkness has engulfed and devoured their batteries. We were left vulnerable in the barren and mountainous landscape, like a new-born baby left alone in the wild. There was no mobile signal within miles, even if we had sufficient battery. With the absence of a satellite phone, we were unable to contact anyone for help. Now, it was just four of us versus the power of nature. In this highland region, hope faded, it was clear that luck was not in our favor this time. I took a nap until my fatigue was
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