Personal Narrative: A Kickball Game

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We burst out the doors to the cold air whispering in our ears. I recalled the challenge that Zach made with me. He said he will stop bullying me if I can score a homerun in today 's kickball game. I took this challenge as a means to stop being bullied by him. Zach has been tormenting me as a means to discriminate me for the past two years. I noticed Zach’s eyes glaring at me right before the game had begun. 10 minutes have passed and kickball game had begun. My name was called and I turn around to see Zach in front of my face.

“You better be ready to take an L! I am going to make sure you lose all your hope of trying to stand up to me or anything like that,” said Zachary. I was trying to think of a comeback to his warning, but luckily I didn’t have to because I was saved by the teacher. He called my name to make sure I understood I was kicking third. I ignored Zach’s warning and walked past him to get in line for the game
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Hez runs up to the ball from his position and goes forward by inches. Just a few seconds ago, the counselor came outside to see the game himself before I blasted the ball into the sky. Hez makes it look he nearly caught and barely missed the ball. The counselor from his angle noticed Hez let the ball go in the last second. Meanwhile, I sprinted to first base and then touched second base. I glanced to see Hez not catching the ball and letting it fall down the hill. I slow down looking at Zach and his reaction to me crossing third base running to home. At the same time, Hez gets the ball back from the hill and passes to Zach for him to try to get me. Hez threw the ball just a bit higher than the height Zach can jump to get the ball and throw it at me. I make it to home base and was cheered by my team. Just then, the counselor yells out to us of Hez missing the catch making me lose all the hope in my life. I saw that my whole life full of bullying come to an
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