Personal Narrative-A Life-Changing Experience

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Naya Aslan Mrs. Amina Sindhi English Personal Narrative 1/14/2017 A Life-Changing Experience Hundreds and even thousands of people surrounded me as I felt my world turning; as if it were a ballerina dancer performing pirouettes in a competition. I began to feel dizzy and unconscious of my surroundings; I was lost in a country that had no idea what language I spoke and was reckless to even help me out. I could feel my eyes getting puffier as I wept through Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport in Hungary. Timorously, my hand dove into my purse and grabbed the perfume that would prevent me from blanking out in the middle of that strange airport. On the beginning of that same month, August, my parents decided to let me stay…show more content…
My father gave me advice on what to do on my first day at work in the Espresso Embassy. The Espresso Embassy is a coffee and tea shop in Budapest, Arany János. My Dad and I visited the coffee shop earlier and we fell in love with their coffee. There was something about the place that made it feel cozy and comfortable to stay in. Whether it was the coffee, decoration or people, the place felt like heaven on Earth. On that moment, my father and I were on the same page when I decided to work there temporarily until I go back to the States. On the day of my parents' flight back home, tears poured down my face and I showered my parents with fountains of salty water. We shared hugs, hugs, and even more hugs. "Why can't I stay young and never grow up?” I said while trying to catch my breath. Dad answered, "Nay, if people seized to grow up, the world wouldn't be as it is today", I sniffed as he assuaged the situation, "as you grow up more, your wisdom increases and your brain is occupied with more knowledge. The human brain is always hungry for more information and development and
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