Personal Narrative: A Life Experience With A Homeless Man

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Since I was a little girl, I liked to help others. I found person involved in charities. I am going to write about a life experience I had one day with a homeless man on my way to the public library. It was like a normal day for me, I passed by a man who was sitting on the stairs. I stopped, I decided to return and tell him to have a nice day. He answered me with a smile on his face, in that moment something told me to stay for a while and have a conversation. I asked him about his day, he answered very sadly and he started to tell me his life story. His house was burned many years ago, he lost his family, he lost his memory. He can't even remember his birthday. It took us around 20 minutes talking about what he has gone through. When we finished, I told him that it was a pleasure to talk with him, and he said. "Can I give you a hug?" I accepted, and it was not a simple hug, I could feel his relief. I looked him into the eyes and one tear was coming out, and he said "I really needed to talk with somebody, you made my day". To me this means a lot, I have never seen this man again, but I know he will never forget me just like I will never forget him. We see people each day and we can't even imagine how bad they're doing. We see people smiling, but we don't know if it is a real smile. I want you to ask somebody about his day, and listen to him, there are millions of ways to do charity. A simple question can change a person's life. My plans for college are to study at Joliet Junior College for extra preparation in my second language, English.…show more content…
Unfortunately, we don’t communicate anymore, sometimes live puts people in your path to bringing you the key that you need. He is from Argentina, now is in his second year at a university, studying to be an architect. His twin is in University of Illinois at Chicago to being a Cardiothoracic

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