Personal Narrative: A Marathon

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I run my life from moment to moment, knowing the fact that I can not run a marathon anytime soon. That may be a little misleading, sounding as if I go on immense adventures and take in everything as I go. What I actually mean when I say this is that I do not preoccupy myself with anxiety for problems of the future. I have my goals and I will take the steps necessary to accomplish them. My family 's overarching pessimism and anxiety demonstrated to me that I had to pursue the opposite mindset in order to thrive. To clarify, my parents are those that have high expectation. My mom in particular is adamant about me doing the best that is possible. If I do not do the best she thinks I can, she will assume that I do not care at all and that I am not trying at the slightest. This all comes from good…show more content…
My dad on the other hand wants me to be the best. He is always trying to make me do things that I do not particularly want to do. I know he is trying to open me up to knew interests and such, but most of it is to look good. He always gets mad and says I am screwing my life over when I deny trying these new experiences. Now I am not just writing all this just to bash my parents; I am writing all of this to explain how I approach life. My parents have led a good life, and just like everyone they have their regrets. I suppose that my parents raise me this way because they do not want me to make the same mistakes. They get mad at me because they fear I will repeat history and will have to start over with my own kids. I have picked up on this and I learn from them. I am learning what to do,

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