Personal Narrative: A Memory Distressor

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There were too many things to do and each needed to be accomplished at the same time. Annear older sister Orinda was beyond sixth level insane. She believed her grandfather had killed the only man she had ever loved and wanted her dead as well. The person responsible for the death of both sisters’ parents, cause of their family members’ demise, and most likely responsible for the missing cash of hand weapons may or may not be still on board the GSS Lancer. Acting Captain Norton was trying to convince anyone who would listen to his babbling that he was innocent, and didn’t give the order for an extremely large breach in their security. However, what bothered me most of all at that particular moment was the fact that my head felt like it…show more content…
“Did you just program this new generation of AI?” “No, she was done shortly after I completed the first network wide distribution of AI. These upgrades that have been put in place were very small steps to get prepared for this. I guess me having a memory suppressor before I finished the specifications to have what you see had taken other people several years to figure out what I was doing.” “So when did you design this AI?” “I think I was about 6 almost 7. She has been in my terminal and unable to grow until now. It was something I had learned from my mother and fathers from them being Terra-Farmers. They grow worlds you can see, and I grew ideas. Once this AI matures, it will be passed over to the final stage of AI, or hopefully if I don’t bother her anymore. This is what she will look like.” The Hologram was a fully mature… It was Annear as she was now. “Nathan how did you design me when… It looks like I do right now, but there are a few differences.” “I was only seven and had to go between you and your mother, but I think she didn’t turn out too bad. She would have already been here if I had released the first Hologram AI before I took that memory suppressor pill. But, for now we have to find the person the clones that fooled Orinda was made from. If you want to see something truly remarkable, wait until I get my hands on
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