Personal Narrative: A Near Death Experience

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Have you ever had a near death experience? Well, I sure have! This all happened about a year ago in the summer right before seventh grade. First, let me explain the setting; it was a hot summer evening around 5pm in Bismarck North Dakota near the Kirkwood Mall. I was with my mom Marcy and one of my friends Mia Friesz. We were shopping all day just to get out of the house. We didn’t really find anything though, but it was a very fun day with my mom and friend! After a day of shopping we decided it was time to head home, such bad timing!! BANG! CRASH! Those are the sounds I heard as I got into my first car accident. I didn’t happen to see anything though because I was looking at my phone, probably answering a snapchat or something…show more content…
My mom was the driver and Mia and I were sitting in the backseat. My mom took a right turn on a green light. Because we got hit from behind, we didn’t see what happened. Meanwhile the bystanders said a little brown car came speeding through a red light, ran into a big silver truck and then ricocheting off of that hit us from behind. Let me tell you though the impact felt like a herd of elephants running over you. We were all stunned, but within a minute we had several people helping us out of the car and shortly later there were police and an ambulance. The truck driver was perfectly fine, we had bruises and scrapes but other than that we were fine, but they did check my nose because they thought it might be broken (It wasn’t thankfully)! The driver that caused the three car accident was by far the worst, the windshield had shattered on him and he was bleeding, we later found of he was fine they were just surface scrapes and he was texting and driving, please don’t ever do that. All in all, all three cars were totaled, but everyone was fine. This was my first car accident, and hopefully most last. The worst thing that happened was that we had to buy a new car. Texting and Driving can do a lot of damage! This memory will always stick with

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