My Childhood Memories Of My First Day-Personal Narrative

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I was so excited the night before it was the same kind of excitement i has as a kid on birthdays and christmas. I remembered trying to go to sleep all night and wake up just to see that it was only in the wee hours of the morning.I remember how i found out i was going i was sitting in the car on my way back from justin all star football game when his mom asked me what i was doing for the super bowl i told her that everybody was going to my aunt 's house but i wasn 't because me and my cousin always seemed to argue. I went on and on about it for 30 minutes before she engaged herself in the conversation. Miss Angie and i was so close that there was times when she would go out her way to involve me in stuff that her and her son did.I use to always ask her why she did so much and she told me it was because I was respectful and went out my way for her . As she began to ask question she first asked if i saw the heat beat the cavs last night, she was huge miami heat fan one of the reasons being that she had the biggest crush on their starting point guard Mario chalmers. She always told me that i looked like him but i didn 't see it . She told me to open up the arm rest and get the papers out of it there it was a ton of papers so it took me a while as i got the papers out i glanced and their it was with big red white and blue…show more content…
There is still male listeners like me that can relate to some of the stuff that he writes about or mentions. There 's been times when he talked about his dad to his mother kicking him out at a young age to the way he got a record deal . In his song “you and the six” I could really relate to this because during the early stop of high school me and my mom wasn 't seeing eye to eye and i would just listen to that song and afterwards I would think about certain things that she said different no matter if she was wrong or right
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