Imagine For A Moment That You Are Not Living Alone Essay

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Imagine for a moment that you are not sitting in this classroom. Imagine for a moment that you have nothing to own in this world. Imagine for a moment that the only thing you have at this point is yourself. Instead, you are outside, not staying here or listening here to me, but standing there, living there all alone by yourself. Imagine for a moment that you, yourself are homeless, and desperately looking for food. Imagine that the cold air cannot do anything to stimulate your senses but rather intensify the gnawing pain in your stomach. Imagine that when it rains, you are too exposed and soaked through it and when it colds, you are freezing to death. Imagine that you have no money. You have no shelter. And the clothes you are wearing right now are not even enough to make you feel warm, not even enough to make you feel safe. Imagine a life where all that you will think about was “when will I eat next” or “will I survive through the night”? And if you imagine these things, those people outside, who we always fears, avoid and dspised, that is what they feel, that is what they experience, that is what their life is. I have never known what it feels to live outside and not being able to eat at least once in a day. That was before I heard the story of my grandfather’s friend…show more content…
The creative young generation who will break the past and make a new future. It is really all up to us. We have to stand out and decide that HUNGER no more! That CHAINS OF DIFFICULTY no more! We have done many things that people thought we cannot do. I know tha we can do this. I believe in you, and you! I believe in each of us. If only we decide that these chains should not belong to the place we want to live in. That these chains should not exist to the world we plan to create. It is all up to our generation to transform our tool, the technology into a digital genie of all. It is up to us to choose the life where a single point of this chain does not stand a

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