Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience Of Dying

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Everyone I know is dying, the last 2 weeks have been a nightmare. It started with five Hoxton, Bricot, Pier, Geffrey and Geronim. After two days of being on the ship, they all fell ill with a terrible fever. They wouldn’t heal even after a week of resting, we knew something was terribly wrong when we saw the black boils. We moved all of the food and supplies out of the cellar and carried the disease ridden people into it and locked it. There was nothing we could 've done right? We had another week of travelling ahead of us and couldn’t risk being touched by the devil 's poison. When we arrived a man with a bird-like mask came to dispose of the bodies, they were dumped on a waggon filled with other men, woman and even some children. I’ve
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