Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience With The CNA

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Today, I mainly collaborated with my nurse preceptor and the CNA. I was so excited and pleased to say that my preceptor allowed me to do almost every nursing task and he would assist me whenever needed. Adam and I worked together and efficiently by assisting one another in performing assessments. For example, I would perform vitals and respiratory exams while he performed the cardiovascular exams, then we would each chart our own findings. Also, I was able to prepare all of my clients’ medications and administer them independently; however, although I performed the three rights and six checks while passing medications I would still have him double check everything before administering them just to be safe, especially with medications that I was not familiar with. Also, in one situation, I was preparing to…show more content…
But, since I had already opened the medication, Adam was able to show me the policy and procedures for wasting medications. Furthermore, since there were times where Adam and I were unoccupied, I helped the CNA perform other duties, such as changing diapers, ambulating patients’, and repositioning clients in their beds especially, an elderly client in particular to look for signs of pressure ulcers, specifically in areas of bony prominences. I also assisted the CNA in feeding a patient that was on pureed diet who wasn’t able to feed herself due to many health conditions. Although, I completed my clinical experience last semester at a long-term nursing facility, I hadn’t had the experience to feed a patient with dysphagia. While feeding this patient, it gave me the opportunity to remember special precautions when feeding patients with dysphagia. Such as making sure they are placed in the most up-right position and not giving them liquids with a straw, which can cause them to

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