Personal Narrative: A Place Called Kinderfarm

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I attended preschool at a place called ‘Kinderfarm’. It was a fairly large preschool with a lot of kids. The building was split into three parts, there was a red room, a blue room, and a green room. To this day I still have no idea what the criteria was to decide which kids were in which room. The only thing that I remember is that I started in the blue room and made a very good friend, Kirsten, and then goto moved into the red room. Nowadays, this seems like an “oh well” kind of situation, but to 4 year old me… it was game over. I recall only being in the red room for a few days until the staff realized what was wrong and put me back in the blue room.
My only other vivid memory is when I was out at recess playing tag with my friends, and
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