Personal Narrative: A Place In America

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What would you do if you suddenly find yourself at the place on Earth you’d never even thought you’d visit? Can you imagine how would your day look like? Let us take you to NYC for one day, full of great places you can´t miss with our trip advisor Monica. I think everyone agrees- each day starts with breakfast. And trust me, you´re gonna need a lot of energy for this one. The most of us “modern people” are into those “not always delicious healthy food choices” and almost everybody thinks it’s impossible to find a place in America that serves food without additional junk. I agree, but there are some exceptions. If you are one of those “fit lovers” you can enjoy healthy, organic and also delicious food at the French place called Au Bon Pain. Although croissants ain’t organic, they never killed nobody. If you are a tourist like me and also a girl too, I bet you would die…show more content…
Food or clothes? We went for food, of course. So if you saved some money from earlier and you are ready to have some fancy lunch and gain true Downtown experience to feel like you are in a movie, this small Italian mafia´s place in Soho is a great choice. What´s cool about Ill Mulino Prime is that you can order wine and in addition that they will give you these delicious home-made potato chips (which they keep refilling) and a plate full of Italian cheese and bread. So basically you get fed even if you only buy a bottle of wine. This place creates an exclusive atmosphere once you are in there, surrounded by those Italian men who all look like Godfather movie characters. By the time you do all of this, it´s almost evening. What´s better idea than going for a nice walk. My favorite place is the Brooklyn Bridge. You can pass it from Manhattan to Brooklyn or vice versa. This place will offer you all-in-one kind of experience- romance, spectacular view of the both sides of the City and a pretty good
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