Personal Narrative: A Short Story: The Janitor '

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The Janitor
I was staring at the clock, ten seconds left. The school bell rang as I get out of my seat I start walking towards the door when I hear My name, “ Meredith! Wait up!” My friend Jamie yells. I feel my paste allowing him to catch up to me.
“ Hey, how was your test?” I asked him as we walk down a set of stairs and into the hallway that houses my locker.
“ It was all right, probably failed but I really don't care! Not now anyway.” he laughs.
“I think I did well, I probably could have study more but I just really don't have time.” I tell him we take a turn down a seemingly empty hallway. I head to my locker and throw my calculus textbook onto the built-in shelf.
“ Poor girl, how was work last night? Did you finally
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Ignoring him I walk out into the chilly air. I have to walk to the far end of the parking lot which gives me a bad feeling but my worries cease to exist when I remember where I am. ‘ I am at schools or nothing bad can happen, right?’ I think to myself. Finally, after what seems like forever, I reach my cute yellow Volkswagen bug but before I can unlock the door arms wrap around my torso picking me up violently. I begin screaming for help, “HELP! HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! PLEASE, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!” The crook dragging me to the van parked next to me, puts his hand over my mouth and nose. Not being able to breathe, I begin to feel dizzy. Black dots take over my vision and soon I see…show more content…
Once at the top, I slam the door and look for a lock but I see none. I quickly take off sprinting in the opposite direction. While running I begin to realize where I am at, school! I never left! Taking a quick left I come to the entrance but when I try to open the doors they don’t budge. ‘They must be locked’ I think to myself.
Once again I take off trying to find somewhere to hide. Running down the hallway I was in just hours ago talking to Jamie, I head to my calculus classroom. I climb up a second set of stairs and walk down a dark moonlit hallway. When I reach the classroom I quickly slam the door shut and lock myself inside. I turn around and slide down the classroom door when suddenly I hear laughing. “Did you think you could get away from me?” He chuckles evilly.
Anger takes over me and I can’t stop myself as I charge towards him. With my strength I knock him into the glass windows that were behind him. The glass instantly brakes and the man falls through the windows and onto the pavement down below. Just to be sure I look out the window and see blood pouring from his
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