Personal Narrative: Where Is My F.

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That morning I woke up and didn’t see her in bed I had a feeling something was wrong. My mom was on the couch with a cigarette lit in her mouth. I remember looking in the ashtray and noticing it was filled with butts. She had the house between her face and shoulder while smoking. Her entire facial expression told me she was extremely worried about something. “WHERE IS MY F******* DAUGHTER” my mother yelled. At that point my heart was racing. I was so confused. I kept trying to figure out the conversation until I noticed it was with herself. She pressed the end button and then threw the phone on the table. She sat down hopeless. But 2 seconds later she was picking up the phone to make another call. “Hello. I called earlier this morning…show more content…
The police were knocking on my door. My mother was explaining to them that my sister had been out babysitting for a friend of hers last night and never returned. The cop was also a good friend of my mom’s. And as my mom was trying to explain the cop brings up how a mutual friend of theirs was pregnant. I could tell my mom was about to snap. “I’m trying to explain to you that I have not heard from my daughter since 12am and you’re seriously going to bring that up? Get out of my house. I will find her myself. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE.” my mom screamed to the top of her lungs as she pointed to the door. Her anger and loud voice created fear within me. She was not happy at all. Her mascara was falling with her tears. She was using her shirt to dry her tears and shaking her heard. Next thing you know she says “Get your coats on. We have to go look for Ebony.” None of us hesitated. My mother, my brothers, and I walked around Ambler trying to find Ebony. We kept calling her phone and repeatedly checking the house to see if she was home. There was no sign of Ebony and her last words “Goodbye, Savanah” kept repeating in my head making me dizzy. My grandma had told me we always say, “See you later,” but at eight I was too immature to correct her and then it was too
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