Personal Narrative: A Short Writing: Mountain Biking

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Mountain biking October 31, 6:30 PM, 2017: As I rush down the mountain with a cold breeze of wind seeping through the holes in my helmet and through my hair. I race down the mountain with my heart beating at an uncontrollable rate. Waiting for the next sharp corner or the next jump. Over thinking everything too much and finally it happens.. I’m on the ground while right next to me i see a puddle of blood rushing towards my bike, which is now in two pieces. As i reach for my phone to call for help i suddenly black out. Next thing i know I’m awake in a hospital lights all around me and people talking in a serious like tone. And then i black out again and when i awake for the second time i realize I 'm in a hospital bed with an iv bag in my arm and bandages around my waist. As a nurse rushes in and speaks in a calm quiet voice she tells me the news, I 've broken my spine and i will be paralyzed from the waist down and will never ride again.. October 31st 2:23 PM, 2017: With a pencil in my hand and an english textbook in front of me. We had to read over a story and write a three paragraph essay to summarize it all. Every student in the school waiting for the bell to hit two thirty so they could all go home and get ready for halloween. All kids were either going trick or treating or going to a haunted house. But me, not me I was going on a perfect mountain bike ride at dusk. It would be perfect i had been planning this ride for the past 3 months it had to be perfect!
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