Personal Narrative: A Small Soccer Team In Peoria

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The grass was green, the soccer nets were just put up, and white lines had just been freshly painted on the grass. Kids were busy playing soccer, but then everything stopped, the whistle was blown. A young girl was on the ground in pain with her team huddling around her, and a boy from the other team was next to her apologizing. As a matter of fact it reminded Abby of a scene that she had been in a few years back. As Abby sat on the bench nearby watching she was also remembering. She remembered the day quite clearly, because it was that day that she really learned about teamwork.

Actually the conflict began the day before the soccer game. A small soccer team in Peoria was having practice and two girls were arguing over who was going to start as goalie the next day. It went down to who could block the most soccer balls. Natalie blocked six, but on the other hand Abby blocked eight. It was settled then, Abby would be goalie for the first half of the game and Natalie for the second. Despite the argument everyone went home that night in happy spirits ready for the game.

The next day was the game. Before the team started their warm-ups the coaches gave out positions. Abby would be goalie, Emma would be center field, Jalya ended up as right wing, Philip and Gabe were put as defence, and Natalie was left wing. ¨Ugg!! I
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Everybody looked in Natalie and Amara’s direction. Natalie’s coach was already there along with her parents. Almost everyone had fallen on one knee by that time, but Abby was standing up trying to look over the crowd that had surrounded her fallen teammate. The other girl Amara said, “Sorry,” but really she didn’t care about the injured girl she just wanted to get back to the game. Of course that wasn’t a surprise considering how competitive people became during those types of games. Despite the negative feelings the girl, from the opposite team, had towards Natalie her team was really worried about

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