Personal Narrative: A Stolen Sibling

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A Stolen Sibling The words of my book looked as if they were sliding slowly of the pages, the teacher called out “Just a couple more minutes.” How long could that be? I just couldn’t handle it. Finally, that high pitched elementary school bell rang after a whole painful two minutes. I stood up and walked as fast as my little legs would let me, right out of that dumb school. I started to ride my scooter home getting faster and faster up to the point where the grey side walk was a blur below me. I got home and Getting inside my mom told me that we were having a visitor for dinner tonight, and that I had to be on my best behavior. With blank eyes I starred at her not really knowing what she said. Trying to comprehend what she did say I forgot about it. The dinner table was…show more content…
But now when I watch them something is missing and it’s not my sister. It’s the softness of the orange. As I got older and began to understand things about life a better my fillings about my sister weren’t as messed up. Things were going good, I was even okay when that dude proposed. Everything was crazy while the wedding was being planned but I just steered my wheel away from it, avoiding it. But finally I had to embrace it because I kind of had to be at the wedding. Things get a little blurry and wild from here on but I remember a couple things. Sitting down watching my sister walk up the through the chairs in a beautiful sparkling white dress. My sister and that guy said many things up there, he even made up a cute poem for her. When things were over and done they kissed and everyone cheered. I stayed sitting. I still don’t understand how this “love” thing works right now it’s a little confusing, like thinking about weather aliens are real or not. The word love though is pictured as a red or a pink color right? I don’t see pink and red, its black to me, shinning bright in the light beautiful yet still it’s
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