Personal Narrative: A Story Of A Story

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I do not know how to start a story much less tell one. Which will make thing hard for you and me both, but I 'll try because this is a crazy journey I 'm on and I do not know how to escape. I see a car, filled with people. Seven to be exact and I 'm one of them. We 're on a hunt, for something. Maybe a treasure hunt? I do not know any of these people but yet I 'm laughing along to a joke that the driver just made. What joke? I don 't know. Dreams are always confusing, every time you enter a dream, you have to accept your situation, your role and so on and ride the waves till you wake up. The girl riding shotgun is slightly clearer than the rest. She 's fabulously chubby(fat), with short mousy brown hair that is longer on the right side and a pink streak running down on the shorter left. I can see that because she 's turned to the driver, with gooey eyes and a soft smile. She 's in looove. Split second and I 'm in a grocery store, grabbing at cans of paint? and those squishy jelly like toys that you could throw onto stuff and it sticks. I turn to look out side the window, it 's pitch black outside with the lights of the car illuminating the road in front of it and lights in the car lighting up the six people who are on their phones. I hear a scream and turn to look behind me. At the end of the hallway is the driver, with medium length wavy brown hair. He 's wearing an emerald green and white long-sleeved shirt and dark blue skinny jeans. He 's ushering me towards him
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