Personal Narrative: A Survival Story

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So many people have survived such amazing events in their lifetime; like natural disasters, war, and even family troubles. We are all survivors of our own survival story. Survival can be anything from embarrassment to such a strong disastrous topic of death. Even I am a survivor of my own survival topic. I survived on of the most publicly humiliating topics of all. My pants splitting in public. I am a survivor of my pants splitting in public by the backstory, what happened, and how I recovered.
One day, in the middle of July, I went back to school shopping. Not any back to school shopping, clothes shopping. I felt as happy as an Olympian receiving their gold medal. The day was not successful, but I did end up finding a pair of army
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I felt as confident as the president! As my pants swished against my legs. I felt like a movie star! I felt everyone whisper as I walked into school with my army green pants. “Wow! Look at those pants!” said some. “I want those pants!” said others. I felt so confident in myself and I knew the entire school felt the same. But when I walked into SA, everything changed. We were playing four-square that day. I personally love four-square and I thought I was amazing at it. When I finally got into the king spot on the board I could see all my other classmates feeling as if I could get someone out. I reached down to pick up the ball, and I slipped. My left leg went forward as my right leg fell at a fifty-seven degree angle. All of a sudden, my beautiful army green pant made a large, undeserving noise. “rrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiippPPPPPPPP!” When I looked down, all I saw was the center seam of my pants were entirely ripped. I felt so miserable. I meandered around three very confused classmates, as I ran to the bathroom in tears. A group of lost fifth graders walked past me as I almost ran right into them; and the worst part, one of them was my sister! I could feel my entire life debase right before my eyes and I knew I would never

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