My Trip To Georgia-Personal Narrative

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There was a running stream that ran from north to south a few meters away from where we were sitting, the fizzing of the leaves above us from the pine trees was very soothing and an eerie coyote cry made the night even more interesting. We were at the back porch playing fish or cut bait, a pretty simplistic but yet challenging board game that tested your ability to do fast decisions that wouldn 't affect the rest of your turn in the game. We had simple snacks and a charming background acoustic guitar playing, the crickets harmonized with the night and the crew, a group of five teenagers, where just having the time of our lives. Our trip to Georgia was more than what I expected, it seemed that the only bad thing about it was the way over there,…show more content…
We decided to see where it would led us after all we were at an adventure to find the new. First we where leaded to a hill that at the top stand a deer blind, thankfully it was empty so our journey continued. Along the way we spotted beautiful crystal like rocks and others with metal on them we took a few for souvenirs and other for gifts for our people back at Texas. It was easily a 30 minute walk and we spotted the end of the stream it was a pond, a pond like lake that got waters I 'm guessing from the rains that fell almost daily, we came prepared with a casting net and didn 't wait long before we started fishing there. Even though nothing was caught we knew the experience was going to be told all over town back at home.
That night we stayed at the front porch listening to nature’s melody playing board games, strumming a guitar, and eating chips we had bought that morning. And I remembered listening to the coyote cry and the stream run, flash backing to all the things we did that day, and saying to myself it was an adventure of a
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