Personal Narrative: A Trip To Jackson's Murder

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Hello i 'm going to be telling you about the time I went to my friend Jackson’s house.This will include details about jeff the killer like he was killed in texas and other good facts.And how a game of hide and go seek can turn into find the hurt friend and hope he does not seek us And I quote You would not believe were we found him. I learned any body can get hurt. p.s read the rest of the story One time i was at my friend 's house and we were outside riding dirt bikes. After a little bit I broke the throttle and my friend came up and helped me push the dirt bike to the garage . When we were pushing it the dirt bike fell on my toe and it hurt so bad i kicked the pole right by me . That made my toe hurt more so then i went inside and…show more content…
So lucas turned on youtube and we started watching the story but lucas has two brothers named jackson and zander zander,s is lucases twin and those two came out and started watching it with us but then lucas and zander started fighting which i 'd rather not talk about but then when it was getting to be over we were all freaked out even though jeff the killer was killed in texas but we were all still freaked out so we decided we were going to go outside and play hide and go seek tag so…show more content…
Like I said in the last paragraph we were outside and played hide and go seek and I saw my friend hiding and so i went up behind him and said jeff the killer and he jumped up and ran passed the shed and the barn then I couldn 't see him and I ran up the track and I saw jackson I said “magnus Is gone” what jackson said he ran down the hill and passed the barn he yelled and screamed because I went up behind and said jeff the killer “let 's go get the other’s” I said. We went and got lucas and zander and christian and we went to look for him and christian was looking thru the bushes and we heard a squirt and a sissssssssss and christian came out and said I got sprayed by a skunk. So christian ran up to the house and soaked himself in tomato juice so now we had four people on the hunt for magnus.We ran into the woods looking for him and then boom lucas falls and cuts himself he started to limp so jackson helped him up there to his house so now we were down to 2 people. we kept on looking and looking but then we heard a noise and boom something jumped out and hissed it was a raccoon so we ran and then boom there was magnus lying there on the floor bleeding and hurt so we cared him up to the barn and then it started ranning and every time it rains quicksand comes on thats how they lost there dog bob he whent under in .5 seconds it was said so we coundnt leave.we had to sit there the hole night but then we all fell asleep and then it was morning and we picked up magnus who was

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