Personal Narrative: A Trip To Kenneywood

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This is about the time I went to KenneyWood and rode the phantoms revenge, when we started we went up and up. When we went down, I didn’t say anything I just let the wind hit me. We went up and down, and then we stopped. I had long hair, so when I got off my hair was sticking up. So I pushed my hair back down, and went on to ride the black widow. When I got on the ride it started moving and went round and round and when. I got off I was very dizzy, so we went on, and went to ride another ride, but I don’t remember what it was called. But it went up and down upside down and it was just crazy. So I kept riding that same ride and kept riding it for most of the day. And then I just went walking around the park for a little bit. I also got on
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