Personal Narrative: A Trip To The Beach

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It all started with the line, “I’m craving some ice cream”. This summer I went to the beach for the first time without my family. I guess my mom finally thought I was “mature enough” to go to the beach with her watching my every move. My friend Savannah invited me and a couple other people to go with her on her senior beach trip, since we just had graduated from Florence High School. The group consisted of Mandy, Ashley, Savannah, Savannah’s parents, and I. We took a 4-hour road trip to Pensacola Beach in Florida. When we arrived at our condo everything was perfect until Ashley called Mrs. Renee’, Savannah’s mom, without anyone’s knowledge, crying wanting to go home because she claimed we were to immature and she made up lies about me and Mandy…show more content…
We started walking to Walmart not realizing it was that far away. At first everything was good, there was people in cars passing us so we could have some light then we took a turn and it was complete darkness. Thank God we had Nolan with us to protect us if anything happened because it was just three girls and one guy. After walking for about 15 minutes on that road, we started to seem a light appear from the distance. It was Walmart. I’ve never been so happy to step inside of Walmart, when the automatic doors opened up with was a gust of cold air, it was like a little piece of heaven. The first thing we did when we got to Walmart was go to the self-check out area and grab some water to rehydrate ourselves. Then we gradually made our way to the frozen food section to get what we went there for, ice cream. Right when we got to the ice cream section the fire alarm went off. The nearest Walmart worker came and got us and escorted us outside where we had to wait 20 minutes for the fire department to come and make sure there was not an actual fire in Walmart before we were able to go back into the store. During that 20 minutes Nolan decided to go back to the condo so it was just me, Mandy, and Savannah by ourselves at Walmart at 12:30 at

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