Personal Narrative: A Trip To The Forest

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My family, consisting of: me, my father, mother, and an elder sister, had always looked forward to the road trips we sometimes went on for recreation. Having gotten tired of the usual trips to the countryside, we decided on to travel to one of the less preferred places - this time, a forest. On reaching the destination, everyone appeared to be irritated by the prolonged road trip. Fatigued. Disinterested. Not left with any other choice, we started our adventurous journey of the exploration of nature.

Initially, the place seemed ordinary until we came to a rooted and compressed curve. Unable to see very well - as it wasn’t sunrise yet - we carried on into the curve, only to uncover the enchanted part of the forest, that beckoned us into its
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The family looked exceptionally interested now; it was unimaginable after looking at the dull expressions they had on arrival. As we thought of to proceed with our ‘exploration of the woods’, we had to choose from around ten different ways, each leading to a different section of the woods. The discussion soon turned into an argument, resulting in all four members heading towards a different direction. Some time after entering the forest, the clouds began to become darker, indicating the…show more content…
I marched for another ten minutes - only to find a dead end! Strangely, the sense felt more prominent there. I strived to avoid it yet again; this time, I couldn’t. Regardless, I turned around to head towards the exit of the narrow lane. And as I did so, a hoot of an owl came from behind. It sounded as if the owl was hooting for my attention. I turned around; the owl was quiet now. I was about to turn to the exit when something in the right-corner piqued my attention. There was an even narrower lane - strangely shaped - with trees lining the path around it. The place was filled with the smell similar to that of a week-old corpse. An extremely foul smell it was! On the other side of the lane, stood a house, surrounded by deep thunder cracks and sharp lightning. Light in windows flickered many times in a split second. Lighting struck again lighting the whole area around the house; it wasn’t escaping the lane. Pieces of chopped wood lay everywhere, including the door, which was covered in dark brown muck. The door laid slowly sinking, being eaten by the ground surrounding it. Rain was pounding down on the valley shielding the almost dismembered house. Thunder cracked once again and the old, forgotten house let out a moan as if it was being

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