Personal Narrative: My Trip To Fargo

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When I was six my family went to Fargo. It was late February; I can remember the cool wind blowing on my face when we loaded into the car. We had to go to the Fargo Airport that day to pick up my grandmother. She had spent the last month with our cousins in Arizona. She usually takes a vacation to get away from the cold of the winter. I can recall that the car was a little stuffy with the defrost heater going. It also didn’t help that my mom, dad, brother, sister, and I were all packed in it. My siblings and I were singing the entire way there since we were so excited to see grandma again. An hour later we had made it to the airport.
The airport seemed gigantic to my six-year-old self. It was the first time I had been to an airport, so the process of a plane taking off baffled me. We were waiting by the baggage claim when I saw my grandma. I took her bags and we started to make our way back to the car. Before leaving the airport, my
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I also believe I remember it because I have always been able to look back on the scars and recall how I got them. It was a learning experience for me. I blacked out because I had panicked in the situation. After that I now know I need to stay collected when facing a terrible situation. This injury also helped me get through tough situations later. I had months of rehab to get my hand better. Whenever I get an injury I can look back on this part of my life and remember that everything will heal with time. It’s not something that’ll happen overnight. This was the first major injury I have ever had, and it has not been the last. In my junior year of high school, I had a terrible leg injury that required six months of rehab to be able to just jog again. Being able to look back to my first injury gave me confidence that I could come back as strong as I was before. I’m glad that I had and remember this experience, my first and last trip to the Fargo airport has benefited me in the long
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