Personal Narrative: A Trip To The Holston River

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The first time I went kayaking was a great adventure that ended up helping me. My two friends, Phil, and Bob, went on a kayaking trip to the Holston River. When they retuned they told me all about what they did and the amazing time that they had. I was so engrossed by their incredible story that I couldn’t wait to try it out myself. Little did I know what an amazing experience it would be.
I had been waiting for this day for a long time, and as my mom and I headed off to a nearby lake I could hardly contain my excitement! On the way, there was a lot of fog and it was hard to see, and when we got there it was only just dawn and there was also a lot of soupy fog over the water too. The boat ramp we decided to go to was in a small sheltered bay
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As it got closer I suddenly realized that it was several otters! We crawled closer to the water to get a better view, but they saw us and quickly dove under the water leaving behind nothing but a few bubbles. I was quite surprised that we had seen them as I didn’t even know that otters lived in our area, but we were also curious about what kinds of otters they were. After a few minutes we decided to walk around the island and explore. It turned out that there was nothing particularly exiting on the island but I thought it was nice to finally be able to stretch my legs. As we came back around to where our kayaks had been we realized that my mom’s kayak had floated away and was out in the middle of the lake! My mom thought about swimming out to it but it was too far out. I got in to kayak and went to get it, I pulled up to it and tied the handles on the back of both kayaks together so I could pull it. As I got close to the island my mom waded out to me, untied it and pulled it on to the shore. Once we had caught our breath we got back into our kayaks and started heading…show more content…
There was a large variety of boats on the water and docked on the shore, there were a lot of fishing boats and we even saw a few giant luxury yachts. Then, as we continued along the edge I saw a giant bird sitting on the shore, at first I thought it looked graceful, but then it suddenly flew into the air and made a horrible screech. As we watched it fly away, I realized that it was a great blue heron, just like in my book of wildlife that I had at home. We shortly came to the spot where we had started at and it didn’t take long before we had the kayaks back on the car. Then we looked at my mom’s waterproof fitness tracker that she had been wearing and it said that we had kayaked for three miles in only two hours! Soon we were headed home. On the way, we decided to stop at a restaurant and get some nice, ice cold lemonade to help us rehydrate. The lemonade was so refreshing and it helped us to regain some of our energy. When we got home, I looked up what kinds of otters lived near us and we found out that we had seen southern river otters. All that day we were exhausted and our muscles were very sore but we knew that it was worth it for the amazing things that we saw and the great time that we

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