Personal Narrative: Abraham Lincoln And His Brother Booth

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I don’t think that Lincoln beating his brother Booth at the end was the “last straw”. I think that it was built up long before that. We do question the fact that him playing honestly may play a bigger part. I guess it was the last “chance” per say, which could mean to me the same thing that you were going with. In my explanation, I discussed that he was testing his brother one last time, to see if he can trust him to play legitimately. You don’t let someone beat you a few times, just to score a win. At least from your brother anyway. If you can only win by cheating, someday you will be shot. Everything will catch up to you, and I think Booth knew this. He showed his brother that you cannot cheat your way out of people’s money, if they know that they are cheating, and you have a gun.…show more content…
Since Lincoln obviously let his brother win a few times, we are shown that, Booth knew he would cheat him out again, yes even his own brother. He knew that his brother wouldn’t try, until he is taunted by the winnings of money. His brother Booth could show, not only his brother this fact, but us as readers, we are able to look at this deeper. We need to analyze why he had a gun with a rolled-up sock of money. He easily could have just stolen another $500 worth of stuff. In one of the last scenes we are told how he has stolen a whole living room worth of dinning sets, and tables. So, I don’t think it was about the money, that it was a moral one, about his brother, and how he is STILL CHEATING!!! Ms. Parks showed us through the character Booth, that he just decided to teach us a valuable life lesson, through the actions of shooting his own
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