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One day, I was out with my family at a French bakery. As I opened the door, the sweet scent of baked goods entered my nostrils, an old man approached and he said thank you in a very thick French accent. I asked the old man if he was French and he replied with “oui je suis français”( yes i 'm French). I responded with “ Je ne suis pas français mais je peux parle français”( I 'm not French but I can speak French) . His brown eyes widened and as his mouth slowly opened with shock, I gave him a small smile. He then said he didn 't expect to get a response in French and he asked if my parents were French I said no, my mom is from Mexico, so he asked how I knew French, then I explained that I take French in my high school. He said “Your French is pretty good to not be a native speaker and you 've developed the accent.”
He told me stories from when he was younger about how he used to play out in the streets, and how it
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This personal accomplishment is important to me, because it makes me proud of the fact that I 'm trilingual. At the beginning of my French classes, my thoughts were that it was going to be hard but it wasn 't. My Spanish knowledge helped me gain control of the language quicker. It was a little challenging, but nothing I couldn’t overcome. Whenever I needed help, I would ask my French teacher or classmates for clarification on what I was struggling with. I love learning new things, every little thing that I learn becomes part of who I am. Learning French was an amazing opportunity that my school gave me. This relates to the person that I am because, I like interacting with people and learning things from them, for example their likes and dislikes, where they come from, and getting to know the variety of people that live on this planet because we are all human but we aren 't the same. We are all different in our own little ways, so being able to speak with other people who speak English or Spanish or French in my opinion is a great

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