Personal Narrative: Acute Pancreatitis

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Have you ever had surgery? Since I was young I had number of surgery even I look healthy. My parents always care about my health. Therefore, I drank many oriental medicines and went to general Hospital a lot. For example, I was hospitalized because of server acute pancreatitis, had tooth surgery, and taking out lump surgery from my neck two time. From those life style, I learn that health is most valuable than any others. And now I would like to share some of my illness and how I get over from my illness with different life patterns. First, I had acute pancreatitis when I was three years old. My mother said that I vomited everything that I ate for three to four days and one day I was throwing up and crying for whole night. Thus, mom called ambulance and doctor diagnosis that I had to be hospitalizing because of intense acute pancreatitis. Moreover, doctor told me that I could not eat for two weeks. Only thing that I could drink was water. Therefore, I got ringer solutions for two weeks. All the maturations that I need to ingestion come from ringers. After I lived two weeks at the hospital, I got double eyelid because I lost a lot of weight. After it happened I know that…show more content…
My cells are little weird from others. It can easy make lumps if I got stressful. There are different types of lumps. However, I had growing lumps. It might sound weird but I had two lumps that grow really big inside of my skin which can hit my nervous tissue to cause extreme pain. For that reason, I had taking out lump surgery when I was 13 years old and 19 years old. The doctor told me that it easily makes if I got server stress. After I got surgery, my mom suggested me to have hobby which was playing flute. I played it since I was grade 7 and I always healed myself when I have group projects, final exam or something that does not work as what I want. Now, even I started to play flute for my health, it become one of the best
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