Personal Narrative Advantage During World War II

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This was due to the fact that there was not enough ships or troops at the time to do that. Churchill believed that only by securing the island of Madagascar by the use of a strong navy and air force, was the only way. After commandos left, the protection of garrisons were to be taken over by troops from the KAR and the East African Forces. Everything was believed to go as planned, but circumstances soon changed everything. It was in March of 1942, that the Japanese soon began raids against the British navy. This led to them having to withdraw back to Africa, and set up base in Kenya. This was a bad situation for the British, because now that they had moved away from their prior position, it meant that not only could the Japanese now use the bases that they had created on the island, but it also meant that their would be a huge loss in effective Allied communication. Due to all of the problems that came from the failure of Operation Bonus, it was then decided to create a new plan. This plan…show more content…
Nyasaland KAR forces went on to fight against Vichy French forces led by Armand Leon Annet, who was the leading governor general and commander of Vichy forces in Madagascar. His fighting force “included about 8,000 troops of whom about 6,000 were Malagasy. A large portion of the rest were Senegalese. Between 1,500 and 3, 000 Vichy troops were concentrated around Diego Suarez.” Even though Vichy forces had a good amount of troops, they did not have a strong navy or air force. According to Friedrich, their “naval and air defenses were relatively light and/or obsolete: eight coastal batteries, two armed merchant cruisers, two sloops, five submarines, 17 Morane-Saulnier 406 fighters and 10 Potez 63 bombers.” This would make it tougher for the Vichy forces to provide a stable defense against the invading Nyasaland
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