Personal Narrative: All In The Water

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At my grandma’s pool, sitting on the edge of the pool with my feet in the water. I was a nervous reck. I was sweating and my heart was beating so fast. I could not get into that pool. All i heard was my dad saying ‘’Emma come on in the water’’.

My family all in the water having fun laughing, and all i do is sit on the edge of the pool like a scaredy cat. My dad tried bribing me with candy if i go in the water to swim to him. It did work though. I had courage to go in that water and swim. I got off the edge of the pool and i put my feet on the first step, the second step, and i ran out of the water.

I tried again to go back into the water. I reached out to my dad to swim to him. I jumped off the step and i started to swim. All i could here is everyone cheering for me. I really wanted that candy bar. I doggy paddled to my dad. I was almost there. I felt so happy. I was going to accomplish something. Before i knew it i was in my dad’s arms. He lifted me out of the water and said ‘’ Great job Emma’’.
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I felt so accomplished! Then in my mom’s i saw my candy bar that i have been waiting for this hole time. That candy bar was like a trophy to me. And what i learned was to never give up, because if you do you won’t get anywhere. I told my dad ‘’how about we go swimming i will race you to the other
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