Personal Narrative: All-Region

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If you ask anyone around my school what I am truly passionate about, more than likely they will mention band in some way. They 'll probably tell you about how I have had this dream of teaching music to people for many years. What they probably wouldn 't tell you though, is that I use to not be interested in band very much. It was fun to me, but it just didn 't grab my eye as much as other things. That all changed though on one fateful day in November. I was in the 7th grade with a junior high director that had made band the most boring and drawn out part of my day. It didn 't like band was ever going to be fun for me, That is, until the day of All-Region tryouts. We had been working a little bit on our music and I had practiced a little, but not very much. Since band wasn 't that fun for me it wasn 't one of my man priorities at that time. All-Region is an honor band that students all across the region would go and try out for and they would take the best. Naturally, even though I wasn 't as in tune with…show more content…
A multitude of thoughts began to run through my head when I was in that line. I began to go through the music in my head, hoping and PRAYING to not mess up, because that one mess up could be the difference in 1st chair and last. When I sat down in the chair, I first noticed the big black sheet that was hanging on by the adhesive on the tape to the music stands. Even though I couldn 't see their faces, I knew that the judges were back there, listening for every mistake I was hoping not to make. As I was playing, I began to ease up and go back to that place where I was in the band hall by myself. After walking out of that room, many people told me I did very well, which I could believe. You would think that after auditioning though, the stress would go away, but it was no where near over. After auditioning, the anxiety of wanting to know whether or not you made it really hit me. I was a nervous wreck until the most amazing thing happened. The results had
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