Personal Narrative: Ally's Death Of A Family Dog

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As long as I have been alive, I have always had a family dog. The first dog we had, was a chocolate lab named Ally. She lived to be twelve years old. We now currently have a black lab named Mabel who we got last Christmas. Both of them are so special to me, however, about a year after my first dog Ally passed away, I found my new best friend.

Ally’s death was hard for us because we were so used to having her around. She was such a sweet dog. After she passed away my sister and I never pushed to get a new dog. In fact, we never thought of it until a year later when we were both in the car with my grandmother and we saw a sign for Saint Bernard puppies. We made my grandmother stop. Our intention was only to visit and see the puppies. The
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It started with Alice not eating. We all thought she was going through her yearly stage where she would go out at eat sticks and stuff in the woods when the snow started to melt, and she was backed up. Then she started to lose weight. We all thought it was odd until she started eating again and everything seemed fine. A couple months later it all started over again. My dad decided it was time to take her to the vet. I honestly knew something was wrong from the start. The vets had to keep her for several days and finally came to the conclusion that Alice had lymphosarcoma. It was cancer of the lymph nodes. The only treatment was a steroid pill that would put her into remission up to a year until the cancer comes back, and that would be it. Of course, we chose the steroids. The next month we spoiled Alice. It was in the middle of the summer so I was able to take her everywhere with me. I fed her steaks and chicken. It was only a month that she was in remission. The cancer came back fast and hard. I knew she was suffering so I made the decision to put her down. We drove to the vets and we had to keep her in the back of our truck since she was so big. There was only room for one person to hold her while they administered the drugs. I got in the truck with her and gathered her in my arms for one last big hug while they put her down. I heard her take her last long breath. Alice was only five years old, however, those five years were the best years I have ever spent with any dog. She will always be in my heart and my
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