Personal Narrative: Am I Really A Redneck

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Am I really a Redneck? Living in the United States, we see boats driving by us all the time. Usually the guys we see in the morning, while were going to work are older retired men that have nothing to do but go fishing. I don’t have the luxury to go fishing whenever I want to, but the second I’m free you better believe I’m going to be fishing somewhere. Most people go fishing for the great entertainment of the sport and to get some food. There is nothing like hooking into a huge fish, the rush you get is truly amazing. Fishing is great and all, but if we think for a second about the history of fishing it is truly amazing how big it has come. Sadly today we have people who don’t understand how great fishing is, and insult anglers by calling…show more content…
That was alright because there was tons of ponds and creeks for me to go fishing at. Fishing was something I did when I was board and didn’t have anything to do. At my school fishing was a popular thing that was talked about so I didn’t stand out when I talked about fishing. Fishing is something that I grew up with and it was what most of my family enjoyed doing. My grandpa made different types of baits, and would show me how to build them. As I got older I understood more how to make different baits with my pap. When I had time I would either go fishing with my pap or with my friends. Fishing had now been a big part of my life and it was what I spent most of my time doing. Since I loved to fish so much I always loved to share my different fishing…show more content…
Like I said most people fish because it is such a fun time. I became very attached to fishing and then got made fun of it because people don’t understand it. Not every time you go fishing you’re going to catch fish and get frustrated, so you got to just suck it up and wait until the next time you go fishing. Fishing is a very popular sport that many people travel around the world to participate in. Fishing is not only fun, but is a huge part of our history. It is how many people survived back in the day. So the next time you see people hauling a boat don’t think of them as a bunch of rednecks. Just because you go fishing doesn’t mean you’re a country

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