Personal Narrative: Amelia Blake's Life

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The Grandmother of 7 spends her days sitting by the table crocheting or helping those in need. Coming from a large family Margret had to help out around the farm and look after her younger brothers and sisters. Her Childhood years consisted of mud, dirty feet and working hard. Amelia Blake found out. Growing up in the country means that people didn’t care that Margaret was a girl if she wanted or had to work people didn’t discriminate against her, but as soon as she wanted to start playing sports outside school she found it harder. When she was 13 her brothers played cricket in town on a Saturday one day their team was short a player so she volunteered to play, she had to tuck her hair up in a baseball cap and ran out onto the field later the officials found out that she was a girl due to her hair falling out and she was banned from playing just because she was a girl she then knew what a cruel world it was for women trying to play sports. Her earliest memory as a child was sitting on the back steps of her house on rose hill (just out of Warwick) looking at the school around 3km away watching to see if she could see the roof lift. “I had overheard my mother talking with a neighbour about the teacher and one of them said something about his yelling at the…show more content…
“She was a strong woman, logical, practical and very independent, and to watch the slow onset of dementia rob her about her independence was heart breaking. I loved having chats with mum about anything and everything, letting off steam to her and telling her of what my kids and grandkids were up to. In the last couple of years, she did not always remember family. I would tell her all that was going on, with family and my life, but it was not the same, not having the interaction with her. The worst thing was not being able to do anything to help ease her suffering.” Recalls
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