Personal Narrative-American Holistic Nurse

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From the beginning of my nursing endeavors, I knew that working at Broward Health will be my goal. My work towards it wasn’t easy, but I hope that this healthy challenge will be rewarded one day. Whenever I could, I choose to have my clinical rotations at one of Broward Health System hospitals. My first three clinical rotations were on oncology floor at Broward Health, where I was exposed to patients with various and serious conditions. Despite the fact that most of these patients were suffering, they fought and had hopes in them that really made me going. My clinical rotations were not only interesting, but gave me necessary experience and strength to get through my nursing school. I’ve learned to be present in the moment for patient’s emotional…show more content…
Holistic care is one of the interests that is really close to my heart. I learned a lot about suffering and lost hopes during my rotations in an Oncology Unit at North Broward. That’s why I joined American Holistic Nurses Association. I was surprised to found out that Imperial Point hosts meetings for Broward County Chapter. During one of the meetings, we were visited by one of the researchers who actively examined topics on drug free pain relief and anxiety in psychiatric patients. I think it’s a great idea to incorporate alternative techniques and treat a person as a whole, especially during this vulnerable time at the hospital. When I started my psychiatrics clinical rotation at Imperial Point, my vice president Emilly Osorio pointed out that most of the patients at that unit are homeless, and they don’t have any close to put on at the unit when they are cold, or when discharged. We discussed with a nurse manager what we could do to change it and improve patients comfort. Shortly after, we started a Clothing Drive and delivered to Imperial Point Psychiatric Unit weekly or monthly, depending on how many clothes we were able to
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