Personal Narrative: An American In My Preference

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An American in my preference is someone who was born or raised in the United states. Many people may consider themselves American once they lived here for a year . A true American is a person who lived in the United States for a long as they can remember. While you 're in this country you need to learn about this history behind it. You can’t go to a place without knowing what 's going on. You can it would just be hard to do. I think that American show respect to the nation and do thing are good.

To begin, Americans are who respect this nation and follow the laws. An American is someone who celebrates the 4th of july. The independence is something we do that we celebrate in American. This event is very huge we all put our flags up to show our respect and this is the time we all come together We have gained freedom in our nation, which is amazing to have. we do things without being controlled over. Food is also something that makes us Americans individuals. We have different cultures and by that we have different varieties of foods. The type of food here is different than any other country. To others we may see we eat the junkie foods. Another thing that we have is clothing. Our style is different than other countries, also it depends on our religion we come from. Many
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one example is when we go to the games such as basketball, wrestling etc. We always say the pledge of legion. so represent our nation. We need to follow the laws and if we don’t then we have to suffer the consequences. In the United States we have a president who is under control of the nation. One thing we need to do is listen to what the president has to saw because he can take away your citizenship. You become a citizen once you get your citizenship. Many illegal immigrants jump the boarder to come in the U.S. They are desperate to come in. We would not consider them as an American because they haven 't gotten their
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