Personal Narrative: An Educational Trip To The Globe Theater

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Chapter Two: CJ

An educational trip to the Globe Theater over spring break. I chuckled just at the thought of the whole ordeal, this man cannot be serious. But as many times before I was proven wrong and he was serious and handing out papers about the trip. I wasn’t worried though. There was no way my parents would make me go on this trip. Nobody was that cruel. The rest of the school day continued uneventful from there until I got home from practice. My mom asked me what happened today at school and still laughing at the thought, I said “Well, Mr.Spinks proposed that we go on some sort of educational trip or something over spring break to the Globe Theater in England.”
My mom apparently did not find this funny at all when she said “I
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So I simply replied “You're kidding right?”
“No,” she said, “in fact, isn’t there some paper about it that he sent home?”
Unwillingly I dug through my binder, found it, and handed her the paper. After a couple minutes of her reading through it and me just wondering if she could be serious, she signed the paper and began to fill out a check to pay for the expenses.
“There you go,” she said, handing it to me with a grin on her face. I eyeballed the paper in disbelief and again asked if she was serious. She replied saying that I should be happy to go on this trip and that it would be a fun time and probably a hundred times better than staying in DeMotte. My parents had always wanted to take us on a vacation, but we never seemed to have the time nor money to do so, and I guess somehow she thought that this would make up for all of those missed times.
So thinking of this I said “If this is to send me on a vacation because we haven’t been able to make one I would much rather be repaid by staying home.” And with this she sent me to my room. I impatiently waited for my dad to come home thinking maybe, just maybe, he could get me out of this. That night at dinner, I brought the topic back up
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