Personal Narrative: An Independent Disposition

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An independent disposition. Afters years of confusion of my identity and aspirations, this is the term I have coined. After years of feeling as an outcast in the safety of “home, sweet home” and the walls of a public school classroom, this is the term that describes my entire academic career and lifestyle thus far and to come. This independent disposition I have created for myself is exactly why I want to attend college.
To state more clearly, my family has never expressed an interest in my academics. Early on in my life, I had to adapt an independent disposition in order to survive. There was always this large polarity between my family’s interest and my own.While my siblings expressed a passion in the arts and literally anything besides school,
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I finally decided on pursuing a career in the engineering field and all my mother had to state was “You’re not a man.” Besides the blatant misogyny, the overall disapproval I had become so familiar with, was clear yet again. For quite some time throughout middle and high school, I had a lot of animosity built up towards my family. Compared to others around me, I felt as if I had a disadvantage because my peers were being uplifted by their supportive family while I was essentially teared down. Still, I trudged on throughout high school and began realizing the only force I needed to reach my life and academic goals was myself. To this day I still don’t understand why my family is not concerned with my academics. However I have learned to just accept it. In a way I am glad I received, or should I say the lack of receiving, any aid from them. Under these conditions I have developed thicker skin and overall developed into a strong minded, driven, and independent person.
With everything in mind, this is exactly why I want to attend college. My aspirations of higher education are not to receive family approval, but to prove to myself that my independent disposition can get me anywhere in life where I set my mind. Every assignment, exam, and problem I have conquered so far in my academic career was based solely on my determination to achieve, and this is exactly what will put me through
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