Personal Narrative: An Intergenerational Interview

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Every Sunday I always go to church and usually the congregation is divided into the general sections. You have the youth who sits in the front; the families occupy the middle and the elderly who sits in the back. I never really have the chance to talk to the elderly in the back. Of course, I come and kiss some of them on the cheek and say hello but, never thought that I would have the opportunity to sit and understand them. The initial idea was to choose someone from an elderly center but, they denied me for privacy reasons. I’m glad I was given the opportunity to interview someone that I never had the opportunity to speak too and understand. This intergenerational project provided me with wisdom from a woman who lived through it already.
Sylvia Arnie grew up in the North-West side of Haiti in a town called Port-De-Paix. She said “I learned a lot throughout her life being the age that I am you experience a lot”. Growing up, she wasn’t a very outgoing person. She spent her days in the house trying to take care of her siblings. Ms. Arnie did the housework and decided to take the stress off her mother as the oldest sibling. “The
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She explained that she would prefer to live in the past than now. Neighbors were close, and they fed each other. Families were closer and more disciplined. Now discipline is looked down as abuse then as what it is which is discipline. Back in the day people didn’t live for possessions but, for each other. A lot more people want more for themselves than for others. She described that despite all that has occurred she is still proud of what she has accomplished. She has two kids and one grandson. Her daughter is a surgical technician for Aventura Hospital and is about to become a registered nurse. Her son workers for Hertz and her grandson is in High school. Now as an 81-year-old she focuses on being around her family and giving her all to
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