Personal Narrative: An Interview With An Educator

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For my educator one-on-one assignment, I choose to interview Sara Dotty, who is my host teacher at Marcy Open School. When I was given this assignment, I started to think of who I could interview and I was thinking of my high school teachers.But then I started to think how I could connect more with the 3 grade students that I’m working with, and how I could get to know them better. So, I decided to interview Sara because I thought that if I get to know my host teacher better I will be able to connect with the students more. What surprised me about Sara was that she did not major or get her license in education when she was in college. She graduated with a business degree. She explained how she was influenced by some of her teachers who believed in their students and always had a positive attitude toward their students, to become a educator. But she was discouraged to become an educator by some of her family members that were teachers at the time. After she graduated college, she decided to go back to school and get her elementary teaching license. Know she has an elementary license and four other teaching license.…show more content…
She explained how she always thinks about her students and the trouble that some students have to face or go through. When trying to help her students, she uses outside resources for example, she said that she would ask other teachers in the building to help her to help her students to meet their needs.. Also when the students are in class she holds them up to high expectations because she know that they have more potential then the students think they do. She says, that she tries to build up her students self-esteem because many of her students are not encouraged at home. To build up their self-esteem she tries to keep the positivity inside the classroom and the negativity

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