Personal Narrative: An Interview With John Kennedy Assassination

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On April 25, I interviewed Mr. Douglas Doi. The purpose of this interview was to find out and hear about someone’s experiences during their life and how certain events affected them. In this interview, the topics discussed were the John Kennedy Assassination, the Chicago Democratic Convention, the Chicago 7, the John Kennedy Assassination, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Vietnam war. I interviewed Mr. Douglas Doi. He has lived on Oahu, Hawaii for all his life. He has been on Oahu since 1953, which is almost 63 years. He grew up in McCully with his family.

John Kennedy Assassination
John Kennedy was shot on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. He was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald while riding in a motorcade. He was leaving his speech for
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Do you remember the John Kennedy assassination? mr. doi: Yes I do. Kay, I was an office monitor that day and I was probably 5th grade and I was at Lunalilo Elementary. And you know like when you were at Noelani or places like that you had cafeteria duty like that? We had office duty. So we would sit and help out in the office. File, answer phones, yada yada yada. That 's when I was a kid, kay. So I was like one of the first kids at elementary school to know that kennedy got shot because nobody had radios in the classrooms, there 's no internet or whatever. So the principal found out and told the staff so me and one of my friends was working in the office got to lower the flag to half mast. So it was pretty shocking and at the same time my parents were buying their house in Manoa on the same day while this was all happening. So that 's why I kinda remember it too.

Cuban Missile Crisis The Cuban Missile crisis was an outgrowth of the cold war. Nuclear-armed missiles were being installed close to the us (90 miles south of florida) which could easily reach targets in the eastern US. interview: me: umm how about the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Mr. Doi: Uhh yeah. me: do you
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